EngSciMath is a coalition of people committed to building a better connection between the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and the worldwide socialist community.

This community is for:

  • Making STEM more accessible to the working class, minority, and marginalized groups by providing solidarity, guidance, and mutual academic support to students, left organizers, and STEM professionals.
  • Providing an organizing space for left STEM projects.
  • Supplying a forum where left theory can be discussed alongside STEM subjects such that impressionable minds can learn more about class struggle and how to avoid becoming docile servants to power. We want current and future STEM majors to think critically about what their educations are being used for:
    • Are they being used to perpetuate ecologically destructive business practices?
    • Are they used for the making of munitions or to provide critical support for the war machine?
    • Are they used to concentrate knowledge and wealth through private intellectual property?
    • Are they used to build systems of mass surveillance or build algorithms that prey on the working class?

Instead of resigning ourselves to serving the ruling class, we ask: can these skills be put to use elsewhere and be used to serve local communities and humanity as a whole? Can we use our talents to address the pending climate crisis?

Ultimately, we aspire to pool our expertise and launch an engineering/science worker co-op.

Link to the Community Guidelines PDF

To join the coalition:


  • Take whatever precautions you feel necessary regarding your personal identification. We have not had any issues to date, however, there is always some risk with political endeavors. Joining anonymously is perfectly fine and you can use a protonmail or similar encrypted emails if you so choose.
  • Please introduce yourself in the #introductions channel when you get on board! (Pro tip:make sure you copy your text above)